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  • The Journey to a Total Impact Strategy

    The Journey to a Total Impact Strategy

    With the rise in consciousness of the positive and negative impact of investment dollars on the world around us, there has been a noticeable trend among more and more investors striving to incorporate impact considerations alongside risk and reward factors in their portfolios.   In working with clients to assist them on the path to…

  • Explaining our Responsible Investment Matrix

    Explaining our Responsible Investment Matrix

    At Australian Impact Investments (Aii), we traditionally focused on private market investment opportunities. In 2021, our clients presented us with a question – how do you identify a listed equity or fixed income fund that is true-to-label and represents ‘best-practice’ values-aligned investing? In theory, this is a simple question. However, the ever-increasing number of funds…

  • Understanding the Impact Spectrum

    Understanding the Impact Spectrum

    Where you decide to invest your money makes a difference. The underlying actions of any company or investment will have a net effect on the environment and society in one of three ways – positive, negative or neutral. To simplify the identification of these actions, at Australian Impact Investments (Aii) we screen all investments using…